Resources for Yoga Teachers

updated on 04 December 2021

Bootstrapping your own yoga business can be time consuming. On one hand you have the freedom to create your own teaching schedule, but on the other hand you have to manage lots of little different tasks such as:

  1. Promoting your business to get new students
  2. Find some good equipment for teaching online
  3. Scheduling classes

In this blog post we'll share what you can do for each one of those tasks.

Promoting your business

To promote your business, try to create a profile on different platforms that will make it easier for people to find you online. You could build your own website but it can take a lot of time to create a website from scratch with site builders.

Instead, you could create a Facebook Page to benefit from Facebook's search engine optimization (SEO) for free. With Facebook Pages you can even create classes which will be displayed in the feed of users interested in Yoga. Facebook is a great platform to use your own network to kickstart your Yoga business.

Equipment for teaching online

You likely already have all the necessary equipment to practice Yoga as an instructor, but when it comes to teaching online you might be a bit overwhelmed with a plethora of options.

First of all you'll want students to be able to see you on the camera. You can use Zoom, Google Meet, Skype or any other video conferencing. One thing that will make a significant difference is the sound output. If you're able to use a microphone this will drastically improve the quality of the recording. You can buy a microphone that clips onto your shirt so it doesn't get in the way while teaching. We recommend buying the Slint Lapel Clip-On Microphone.

Scheduling classes

When it comes to planning, there are also lots of options like Calendar, Acuity Scheduling etc.

All those scheduling tools offer appointment features for one-on-one and small group teaching.

However, we believe those tools are better suited for business meetings rather than running classes. That's why I built ClassPlanner. In addition to having iOS and Android apps to manage your schedule easily, you are able to confirm, reschedule and send messages to your students through the app.

There is also a built-in support chat screen and we are on call 24/7 so if something's not right you'll get instant support from us. Here's how it looks like in the app:

A screenshot of the Support Chat in the iOS app
A screenshot of the Support Chat in the iOS app

That's a wrap for our recommendation for tools to kickstart your Yoga Teaching business. Happy scheduling :)

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