Tutorial: how to use Google Appointment Slots

published on 17 November 2021

In this walk through, you'll learn how to use the Appointment Slot feature in Google Calendar to give your guests multiple booking options.

Google Calendar recently introduced a new feature to attach multiple times to a calendar event. The guests who receive the calendar invitation are only able to pick one of the available times.

To use the Appointment Slot feature, open Google Calendar and select a range of time:


Add the guests you'd like to send this invitation to, for example your clients or students.


Next, add a title to this event and select the Appointment slots button:


You can optionally set the slot duration, by default it's set to 30 minutes. When you're done with the event settings, click on the Save button.

As soon as the event is saved on the calendar, you can press on the event. The event pop-up now shows a special link which you can send to guests.


Now you can send this links through email or even publish it on your own personal website.

Let's take a look at what it looks like from the point of view of a guest.

When a guest clicks on a link it will show the following:


Guests can select any available slot, since we set the slot duration to 30 minutes the appointment page is showing slots of that duration. A guest can optionally add a description to the slot:


When the appointment booked you will receive a new notification and the booking will appear on your calendar:


That's it for this step by step tutorial on how to use Appointment slots in Google Calendar. This feature is great if you want an easy way to set up appointment slots without setting up another tool.

If you'd like more customization you may want to check out ClassPlanner and other tools for appointment scheduling.

Happy scheduling :)

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